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Hole-By-Hole Pro’s Tips

Hole by Hole Tips for the Champions Club
Some golf courses require a little “insider knowledge” and the Champions Club is one of those. And some golf courses play tougher the first time simply because you’re not familiar with the slopes, yardages or the best angles for approaches and this is one of those. If this is your first time teeing it up at the Champions Club – these hole-by-hole tips will help significantly. 

Hole 1 Tips
Par 5:  Black 485 yards | Blue 469 yards | White 453 yards | Red 396 yards
The opening hole offers an easy par and a decent chance for birdie.  Driver is not needed off the tee as a 200-yard downhill tee shot puts you just behind the fairway bunkers. Follow up with a mid-iron layup which leaves an easy wedge to the green.  From the same location longer hitters may try to get home in two but need to watch out for the hazard left, pin placement on the two tiered green and surrounding bunkers. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 2 Tips
Par 4:  Black 338 yards | Blue 304 yards | White 273 yards | Red 252 yards
Hole2The tee shot plays downhill to a wide fairway.  The right side offers the best angle for your uphill approach to the green with a short iron.  Be sure to hit enough club to carry the bunker in front of the green. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 3 Tips
Par 3:  Black 157 yards | Blue 143 yards | White 136 yards | Red 121 yards
You are on the edge of the earth as you stand with your back to the forest and play this downhill par 3. Hit a club less to offset the downhill elevation and the helping wind.  This narrow green is 35 yards deep, so check your yardage to hit it close. Green, Fairway and Tee

Hole 4 Tips
Par 5:  Black 478 yards | Blue 458 yards | White 434 yards | Red 421 yards
This par 5 will play every yard and then some as you go uphill and usually into the wind.  Two solid shots will leave you with a short iron to the green. The green offers a back stop on both sides and can be used to get your ball close to the hole. Be sure to hit your approach on the correct side of the mound in the center of the green, and a two-putt par is yours. Green, Fairway and Tee

To see one of Southern California’s finest golf courses in person, call 951-277-5378 or Click here to book your tee time.

Hole 5 Tips
Par 3:  Black 169 yards | Blue 141 yards | White 120 yards | Red 105 yards
Enjoy one of the most magnificent views on the course.  You'll need accuracy and the correct yardage to avoid a watery grave on this short hole.  Plays slightly downhill but watch out with your club selection as the breeze is usually in your face. Green, Fairway andTee

Hole 6 Tips
Par 4:  Black 326 yards | Blue 281 yards | White 251 yards | Red 208 yards
A 200-yard tee shot will leave an easy wedge to a well-bunkered green.  Yardage is crucial for your approach since the green is 38 yards long and at a difficult angle from the fairway.  Long hitters may reach the green if they can avoid the large fairway bunker on the right and the left greenside bunker guarding the green's entrance. Green, Fairway and Tee

Hole 7 Tips
Par 4:  Black 443 yards | Blue 403 yards | White 377 yards | Red 333 yards
A good drive will leave a mid to short iron into this downhill, downwind par 4.  Pick your target line carefully on the tee shot, as the hole turns slight;y right to left.  A dry creek bed guards the entire right side of the fairway and will catch off-line shots.  One of the few unguarded greens on the course, so take advantage. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 8 Tips
Par 5:  Black 523 yards | Blue 508 yards | White 489 yards | Red 452 yards
Keep your tee shot just short of the bunkers, 270 yards off the tee, and lay up with a mid-iron just short of the pond.  A 75-yard wedge makes this a simple hole to par.  Longer hitters can try to get home in two, but the fairway bunkers and ponds carry great risk. Green,Fairway and Tee

Hole 9 Tips
Par 4:  Black 393 yards | Blue 360 yards | White 319 yards | Red 319 yards
With the clubhouse in the background, this uphill par 4 generally plays into the wind.  There is planty of room so hit your longest club and get the tee shot as far up the fairway as possible. Your approach shot will need at least two more clubs than the yardage indicates.  The green is wide and angled away from the fairway. Make sure to locate the whcih level the flagstick is on this two-tiered green and check your yardages carefully. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 10 Tips
Hole10Par 4:  Black 415 yards | Blue 394 yards | White 365 yards | Red 293 yards
The tee shot is sharply downhill with a hazard 265 yards from the tee.  The second shot is uphill so make sure to have enough club onto this wide green. Green,Fairway and Tee

Hole 11 Tips
Par 4:  Black 453 yards | Blue 378 yards | White 338 yards | Red 312 yards
This hole requires two well-placed shots to hit the green in regulation.  A 220-yard downhill tee shot along the right side will leave an uphill 150-yard shot to the green.  Favor the right on your approach as it will leave you the easiest chip if you miss the green. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 12 Tips
Par 4:  Black 442 yards | Blue 426 yards | White 373 yards | Red 307 yards
This is a dogleg left with a semi-blind tee shot. Stay right of the aiming pole with a 220-250 yard shot and you will be in great shape to attack the second shot.. Longer hitters may want to hit a fairway wood to avoid trouble left and right.  The approach shot is downhill to a wide but shallow multi-tiered green.  You may want to run the ball onto the green, avoiding the pot bunker on the right. Green,Fairway and Tee

To see one of Southern California’s finest golf courses in person, call 951-277-5378 or Click here to book your tee time.

Hole 13 Tips
Par 3:  Black 201 yards | Blue 180 yards | White 163 yards | Red 110 yards
This tough par 3 will test your iron/hybrid game.  With the hazard on the right the bail out area is left but watch out as shots hit left of the green can roll/bounce across into the bunker on the right.  The green is narrow and very deep with a 3-club difference from front to back.  You may want to lay up with a short iron and use your short game for a good score.  Make your club selection carefully and accuracy is a most. Green, Fairway and Tee

Hole 14 Tips
Par 4:  Black 429 yards | Blue 404 yards | White 380 yards | Red 276 yards
This dogleg right plays slightly downhill on your tee shot and uphill for your second.  Stay left on your approach since the fairway slopes to the right.  You have an open approach to this angled green. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 15 Tips
Par 3:  Black 162 yards | Blue 129 yards | White 112 yards | Red 98 yards
This short par 3 offers one of the best 360-degree views on the course.  It is sharply downhill but the green is 2-3 clubs deep, so check your yardage carefully. With three distinct tiers the green offers several options to use the slopes and get your ball close to the hole. Green, Fairway and Tee

Hole 16 Tips
Par 5:  Black 561 yards | Blue 542 yards | White 501 yards | Red 462 yards
A true 3-shot par 5, dogleg right which plays generally into the wind.  Aim your tee shot at the left fairway bunker, avoiding the ravine and hazard along the right side.  A solid second shot will leave a short iron to a diagonal green guarded by a pond on the right. The pond starts 100 yards short of the green and wraps around the back right. The left side does allow for a ball to bounce and roll down towards the green if you don't want to get wet. GreenFairway and Tee
Hole 163

Hole 17 Tips
Par 4:  Black 354 yards | Blue 325 yards | White 295 yards | Red 266 yards
A 200-yard tee shot will leave you short of the fairway bunkera with an uphill 120-yard approach to a very wide, three tiered green.  The left pin placement can be hard to see!  Be sure to hit enough club up the hill on your approach and avoid the pot bunker in front of the green.  Longer hitters may challenge the two bunkers on the left side, leaving only a sand wedge to the green. GreenFairway and Tee

Hole 18 Tips
Par 4:  Black 436 yards | Blue 393 yards | White 348 yards | Red 342 yards
Even though this dogleg right is a par 4 on the scorecard, there are days when bogey will feel like a good score.  Stay left off the tee but avoid the creek bed running down the left of the fairway.  The second shot is uphill and usually into the wind, so take an extra club or two to clear the front greenside bunker. GreenFairway and Tee

To see one of Southern California’s finest golf courses in person, call 951-277-5378 or Click here to book your tee time.


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